Leigh Stands With Israel

For years, Israel has been one of the strongest and most vital allies for the United States, and we must continue to be a staunch supporter of the country. We have developed a mutually beneficial relationship that allows us to fight against common threats, and bolster the security of Israel and the U.S. – one of the primary jobs of the federal government.

Israel has a right to exist, and they should be able to practice democracy as they see fit. If this is undone, the Middle East and the security of all could be in danger.

We are not alone in facing threats to peace each and every day. The United States and Israel are constantly up against terrorism, nuclear proliferation, and radical Islamic terrorism. We have to work with Israel to ensure the peace of our nations – this isn’t a one country job.

Israel boasts a strong military history, which has led to the country’s Qualitative Military Edge that allows it to respond to any threat in an efficient manner. Congress wrote our commitment to this edge into law in 2008, and we have supported Israel with funding for security assistance and missile defense. If safety is our priority, this support must continue.

The efforts include an air defense system – the Iron Dome – which I think is critical to the protection and safety of Israel. As we move forward as allies, we can share the benefits of Israel’s commitment to improving their military and fighting for peace. We could use this technology to defend our military, along with water reservoirs, dams and nuclear power facilities.

We have to take a concerted approach to dealing with Iran. I support the ending of the Iran deal – they cannot have nuclear weapons and we must reinforce that thinking. Israel is working to protect more than just themselves from the dangers of Hezbollah, which includes working with Egypt. This is another step in making Middle Eastern peace a reality.

 - Leigh Brown