Leigh Brown Stands Tall Against FEC

For more than a decade, Leigh Brown has run radio advertisements for her real estate business, which have been vital to the company’s success.

She’s run the ads without a problem – until now. The Federal Election Commission recently deemed the ads electioneering communications, forcing Leigh to take them off the air.

“I shouldn’t have to choose between being a business owner and a public servant,” Leigh said. “That’s not how the Founding Fathers designed our system. It was designed for people to leave their homes or their jobs for a short time, do their service and return back. The system was not built for career politicians.”

The FEC needed four votes to allow the ads to continue, but only garnered three.

The lone Democratic commissioner voted against letting Leigh – a proud conservative and political outsider – run her ads, despite not mentioning the race or identifying Leigh as a candidate.

This is swamp behavior, behavior that Leigh wants to help President Trump put an end to once elected. This isn’t just a vote against the ads – it’s a vote against business owners running for office.

 But much like she’ll do in Congress, Leigh is not backing down.

 Leigh filed suit against the FEC for stopping the ads. The lone dissenter had a problem with both Leigh’s voice and name being used.

This neglects precedent set in Hispanic Leadership Fund v. FEC, where the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia ruled that when a speaker is not otherwise identified, whether the voice alone is sufficient to constitute a reference of a clearly identified candidate depends on if the audience recognizes the voice.

In this case, the court found that former President Barack Obama’s voice was not recognizable, and therefore the advertisement did not qualify as electioneering communication.

“This is all part of the progressive left’s agenda to keep good, conservative representatives down. I will bring change to Washington, and Democrats want none of that,” Leigh said. “I’m not giving up, no matter how much that would please the left. I have a right to run these ads and should be able to support myself and my team financially.”