Leigh Brown for Congress Riding Wave of Momentum

As the Republican primary nears, Leigh Brown’s campaign is firing on all cylinders. The donations are rolling in and support is growing as voters realize Leigh is the conservative voice Washington needs.

Leigh isn’t your typical candidate – she’s a political outsider, a businesswoman, and an unapologetic conservative ready to bring much needed change to Congress. Voters are finding out what Leigh represents and loving what they’re hearing.

Leigh and the team have worked wonders on the fundraising side, raising more than $150,000 since April 1. This brings the campaign total to nearly $200,000 since Leigh filed for election.

 “I’m beyond grateful for everybody who has fulfilled a pledge they made early on,” Leigh said. “I’m grateful for people who have appeared out of nowhere to support me and I’m grateful for people who are making donations when I know their budgets are stretched thin. I’m appreciative for every donation, no matter the size.”

Leigh wouldn’t have this momentum without hard work and her dedicated team of supporters and volunteers.

This past weekend, Leigh and around 20 volunteers braved a downpour and knocked on almost 1,000 doors. While knocking on doors, Leigh has encountered plenty of voters who love what she stands for and asked to place signs in their yard.

“Before the first day we went out, I didn’t think people would actually come to the door but they are and they’re overwhelmingly positive and friendly and they are delighted to find out that somebody is running who is not a career politician,” Leigh said.

“They’re excited to find out I’m in favor of term limits. They are very supportive.”

The efforts don’t stop at knocking doors, as Leigh and dozens of volunteers have placed thousands of phone calls. Through this grassroots outreach, Leigh has constituents each day pledging to back her campaign.

 Leigh has received several endorsements in recent weeks from reputable people – including Indian Trail Mayor Michael Alvarez and Bettye Steen, a longtime teacher and GOP activist. Organizations have also joined the team, with endorsements from the National Association of Realtors® PAC and the Value in Electing Women PAC (VIEW PAC).

“I appreciate those who have backed me so far, but I’m just getting started,” Leigh said. “It’s the same way I learned how to sell houses at the beginning. You’ve got to work every day and that’s how I’m treating the campaign.”