Leigh Brown for Congress Charges Along

With voting underway, Leigh continues to work hard each and every day, just as she does as a REALTOR®. This hard work has led to great momentum – both in fundraising (more than $200,000 raised) and voter support.

“When I talk to people, they like that a political outsider is running,” Leigh said. “They’re buying into me because I’m a trustworthy conservative who isn’t a career politician, but a wife, mother and businesswoman just like them.”

Much like President Trump, who Leigh would be an ally to in Washington, Leigh’s business knowledge sets her apart from career politicians. She knows how business works, how to create jobs and how to help communities flourish. Leigh can bring the change Congress has been waiting for.

Leigh owns her real estate company and has sold houses for years. She’s brought the same determination to the campaign, only now she’s selling her platform. Leigh and her team have worked tirelessly to reach voters and build support – going door to door even in pouring rain and calling thousands of 9th district residents.