FEC Lawsuit Gains More Media Attention

While campaigning, Leigh has been in the press recently for her lawsuit against the FEC, who forced her to stop running her radio advertisements for her business.

The FEC needed four votes to allow Leigh to run the ads, but the lone Democratic commissioner deemed them electioneering communications, resulting in their removal.

 “I’ve been running these ads for more than a decade, and all of a sudden a Democratic commissioner has a problem with them,” Brown said. “If I have decided to seek an opportunity to be a public servant, that shouldn’t mean the end of my business and same thing for any business owners who decide to run in the future, and it shouldn’t mean the end of the jobs for the people who work for me. That’s not how the Founding Fathers designed our system.”

Leigh’s suit against the FEC and fight against the progressive left’s agenda to keep conservatives down was covered by various news outlets.

The Charlotte Observer: A 9th District candidate sues because she was forced to cancel ads for her business.

The Washington Examiner: FEC Dem blocks pro-Trump GOP candidate’s business ads.

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