Leigh Brown is already making waves and taking on the bureaucratic government swamp. She is taking on the unfair and over-reaching practices of the Federal Election Commission (FEC) that dissuade so many qualified candidates from running for office.

The Issue

Leigh Brown is suing the Federal Election Commission (FEC) after she was forced to remove radio advertisements for her real estate business following the decision of the Commission’s lone Democratic commissioner to block the advertisements from running. 

For more than a decade, Leigh Brown has run these advertisements for her real estate company. The advertisements are vital to Brown’s business, helping her and her team attract business in a competitive market with more than 10,000 local realtors. 

These advertisements help support the firm itself and the livelihood of the five agents and four administrative staff that make up the team. 

On March 21, eight days after filing to run for office, Brown submitted an advisory opinion request to the FEC, asking the commission to conclude the non-political advertisements did not qualify as electioneering communications. 

The FEC refused to grant Brown the right to continue airing the same advertisements that she has aired for the past 13 years. The lone Democratic commissioner, refusing to act in keeping with established FEC and court precedent, voted to force Brown to take down the advertisements. As a successful business owner and realtor Leigh Brown utilizes radio advertising for her small business. Leigh and her team at Leigh Brown & Associates’ makes at least 10% of their annual commission from clients they attribute to these radio ads. If she is unable to advertise for her business during the electioneering communications window, it will have a detrimental impact on her real estate firm and the employees/contractors who rely on it for their livelihood.  

The Fight

This is a problem that many small business owners and professionals face when deciding to run for Congress. They have a unique experience and our government could benefit from their leadership, yet many are dissuaded by this campaign law and choose not to run - to the detriment of our country.

Leigh is standing up and saying enough is enough. She is not going to wait to be elected before taking on the overreaching government bureaucracy, she is taking a stand right now!

This is just the beginning….

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