About Leigh

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I am running to represent North Carolina’s 9th district because we need a political outsider who understands how free markets work and will shake things up in Washington, D.C.

I’m not a career politician. I’m a wife, mother of two wonderful kids, best-selling author, REALTOR®, and CEO with real-world jobs and experiences.

I have the unique experience of owning and operating a successful real estate company, and I completely understand how the market works. I know what helps businesses and local communities thrive, and as a fiscal conservative I want to bring that first-hand experience to Washington. Too many politicians don’t know how to create jobs and grow our economy, because they’ve never done it. But, I have, and I’m ready to work.

As the CEO of a real estate company, I have helped many people throughout the 9th district buy and sell their homes. I have fought to improve housing affordability because as a REALTOR® I believe homeownership is part of the American dream.

I am dedicated to fighting for the people of North Carolina because North Carolina is my home. I was locally born and raised, I graduated from UNC Chapel Hill, and now I’m raising my family here. 

If you send me to Washington, I will work with President Trump to create jobs, cut taxes, and reduce regulatory overreach to keep our economy on track.

I will always put North Carolina first, and I will NEVER back down from a tough fight. The radical left has officially met their match. I’m ready to turn Washington’s swamp upside down.