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I’m running because I believe if you want to change Washington, you have to change who you send to Washington. As a lifelong Republican I am dedicated to our conservative values and will fight to protect all life and our second amendment rights. In Washington, I will be a strong ally for President Trump and his America First agenda that has benefited all Americans.

I’m not a career politician but a mother, author, REALTOR®, and CEO with real-world jobs and experiences – just like you. I’ve signed both sides of the check and I know what it takes to get businesses moving and create job opportunities. I want to fight for the issues that really matter to North Carolina’s 9th district. Together I know we can change Washington and make sure our North Carolina values are protected.  

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Early voting for North Carolina’s 9th district starts Wednesday, April 24th.

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Leigh is not your average candidate. Learn more about this best-selling author, award winning Realtor®, and mother of two here.


Leigh is ready to take on Washington and fight for our North Carolina values.

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